Greenbriar Hills Country Club was established in 1937. It had its beginnings as Osage Hills Country Club and was the centerpiece for the Osage Hills Development started in 1927 by the Bixby Smith Inc. It was a community planned for 152 homes. Originally, the Club and development extended east beyond the present location of Interstate Highway 270. Economic conditions, during the depression of the 1930’s prompted the formation of Greenbriar Hills to succeed Osage Hills.

The original 18 hole course was located completely to the south of the railroad tracks and it was designed to be 6,315 yards.

The holes south of the railroad tracks, along with the tennis court property and two practice holes, were a part of the original course. In the 1960’s, the highway department purchased properties from the Club and property owners for creation of Interstate Highway 270. The Club then purchased land, north of the railroad tracks, to develop the present holes from 3 to 15 (excluding 8, 9, 10 and 11). Later, the property for holes 8 through 11 was purchased. The golf course has undergone many improvements over the years. The 2011 Golf Season sees the advent of new 007 bent grass greens, "Pro/Angle" white sand bunkers, and a number of other enhancements to greens, tee boxes, and fairways. The original Clubhouse, which is presently the center part of the building, was completed in 1927. There have been several major additions/renovations to the Clubhouse and surrounding facilities over the years. These include the addition of the Ballroom, Trophy Room and Osage Room. The Swimming Pool, Pro Shop and Men’s Locker Room were relocated and enlarged. In 1995 the kitchen was enlarged and upgraded.  Greenbriar completed a total club house remodeling and renovation in 2010. In 2013, Greenbriar created the Osage Dining Room with an extended outdoor Terrace with two areas to enjoy our outdoor fireplace.